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We're trying to save the earth.

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We're trying to save the earth.

  下面是www.chinazhaokao.com中国招生考试网小编整理的We're trying to save the earth.,供大家参考!




  Recently, binge (暴食) is becoming a major health problem in America. “As soon as I came home I′d throw down my backpack and just start going through the refrigerator and start eating. Sandwiches, cookies, candy bars—I′d just continuously eat until I went to bed,” says Matt Wymer, 18. Matt was a binge eater. “You know we start at a very young age. You fall and hurt your knees. Your mother may say “Oh, here, we′ll go to get some ice cream, that?ll make you feel better.” Or when you go to the doctor, something bad happens: The doctor says, “Oh, here?s something that?s comforting? and you get a candy,” says Marilyn Tanner, a doctor. Matt looked for comfort because he was always laughed at because of his weight. “There’d be days when I′d come and pick him up from school and he′d get in the car and start crying before I asked him anything,” says Cathy Wymer, Matt’s mother. “I′d just feel better after I ate a lot,” says Matt.21教育网

  Experts say the first step of treatment for binge eaters is to help them find other ways, besides food, to feel better. “There are about five basic ways: You write, you talk, you cry, you exercise or you laugh,” says Genie Burnett, a psychologist. With the help of his doctor, Matt started a diet and a daily workout. He′s lost more than 150 pounds, he′s healthier and he says he′d be more confident.

  ( ) 1. From the second paragraph we can learn that ________.

  A. Matt is very busy at home every day

  B. Matt goes to bed very late at night

  C. Matt suffers from an eating disorder

  D. Matt is too hungry to go to bed

  ( ) 2. Marilyn Tanner mainly tells us that ________.We're trying to save the earth.

  A. eating disorder begins when children are young

  B. children would like to have some ice cream

  C. young children fall and hurt their knees easily

  D. doctors use candies to comfort the children

  ( ) 3. Matt would start crying as soon as he got in the car because ________.

  A. he had nothing to eat at the moment

  B. his mother didn′t allow him to eat anything 【来源:21·世纪·教育·网】

  C. he was really much too hungry just then

  D. he was laughed at by others at school

  ( )4. Matt has become more confident by __________.

  A. working hard at school

  B. talking and laughing a lot

  C. losing some weight

  D. reading and writing a lot

  ( )5. What would be the best title for this passage?

  A. Matt′s interesting life

  B. An eating disorder—binge

  C. The ways to keep healthy

  D. Matt′s parents We're trying to save the earth.


  People have lots of different thoughts that they wish to express. For many reasons, most people just keep their thoughts to themselves and never tell them to others. Another form of self-expression is the written word. For many people, it is easier for them to express their thoughts or emotions in writing, instead of speaking them out. It is an especially popular way for expression among shy and highly self-conscious (自尊) people. People′s thoughts are written down and then published(出版) so that others can read and enjoy them.

  There are many reasons why newspapers and publishers actually publish people′s thoughts, but the major reason is to give information. With the introduction of newer technologies, new ways now appear to share people′s ideas quickly. Blogs are just one way. People can now let the world know their hopes, dreams and day to day activities through a web blog. Better than that, many sites allow customers to create their own web blog for free. The word blog comes from the words web and log. Slogging is the term that is used to refer to activities relating to a blog, such as creating it, updating and adding content(内容). And the blogger is the person who puts that content on the blog. Blogs can be very powerful. Blogs can change the world by changing the opinions of large numbers of people around the world.

  ( ) 6. People who are shy would like to express their thoughts by ________.

  A. writing    B. reading C. speaking D. thinking

  ( ) 7. According to the passage, the major reason that newspapers publish people′s thoughts

  A. make money B. make them well-known

  C. give information D. let people relax

  ( ) 8. The latest and quickest way for you to share your thought with others is __________.

  A. publishing it on the newspaper

  B. taking part in the everyday activities

  C. talking to everybody you meet about itWe're trying to save the earth.

  D. writing blogs on the web

  ( ) 9. The sixth paragraph is probably to ________.

  A. tell us the web blog is very interesting

  B. tell us how to write a blog

  C. explain the meaning of some related words www.21-cn-jy.com

  D. show us the importance of the blog

  ( ) 10. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?

  A. No sites can help you create your own web blog for free.

  B. Blogs can affect people around the world greatly.

  C. The blogger is the person who puts some content on the blog.

  D. A web blog can let the world know your wishes and dreams.


  What is pollution? Smoke, dirty water, rubbish and so on. Some pollution is easy to be seen like smoke, but much

  of pollution is not obvious (明显) at all, yet you′re eating it, drinking it or breathing it most of the time. Pollution is everywhere. It makes humans, animals and plants sick and it even kills them. It’s even making the climate change. 13What’s worseis that pollution has caused many problems to all life on the earth. There’s nowhere on the earth left with no pollution, not even the sea or the air. 14Environmental problems are becoming more and more serious all over the world. People have realized these problems. Humans make the pollution and they should try to stop it, especially you, because the future is yours! We should protect our home. I hope the problems of pollution will be solved in the near future and our home will become better and better.

  (一) 根据短文内容简要回答问题。

  11. What problems can pollution cause?

  12. Who makes the pollution?

  (二) 将短文中划线句子译成汉语。


  14.We're trying to save the earth.

  (三) 请给短文拟一个适当的标题。


  一、 词语运用 (共10分,每题1分)


  attention; another; tell; spend; smile; safe;

  different; one; although; how

  Every animal uses body language to communicate. J.J. is a mandrill (大狒狒). His caretaker(看管人), Sara Pylon, tells us more about the body language of this large monkey.

  “A lot of people see J.J. bobbing (上下或来回地动) his head up and down when they come to the zoo. That is a threat (威胁的) posture. We try to 1_____ people not to go near him because he doesn’t feel 2______,” said Pylon. “He will do that if he feels threatened by someone he does not know. If there is 3______ male (雄性的) mandrill around, he will bob towards him. Another thing he does is to 4______. It is very similar to a human smile. He will smile, show his teeth and shake his head from side to side. That is a friendly greeting 5______ it looks very frightening.”

  J.J. shares his living space with his family and treats each family member 6_____.

  “He pays more 7_____ to his mate because she is the only female in the group. He grooms (刷洗) her face and 8______a lot of time with her.”

  Sara has suggestions on 9_____ we can get to know our own pets better.“ The main thing is to spend a lot of time with them. You’ll understand your own pet better than before,” she said.

  Knowing our own pets is the 10_____ step to communicating with them and understanding them better. Please do it!

  1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

  6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

  二、 完成句子(共20分,每题1分)


  , we should take the bus or subway instead of driving.


  Let’s now.

  3. 如果你有一个创新的头脑,没有东西是浪费的。

  Nothing is if you have a .

  4. 这种艺术不但能够给他人带来幸福,而且它也展示了用一点点的创意,甚至冰冷的,坚硬的铁也能够复活。

  Not only the art bring to others, but it also shows that even cold,

  iron can be brought with a little .

  5. 她的文具盒因为可爱和实用而出名。

  Her pencil case is being cute and useful.

  三、 翻译句子 (共20分,每句2分)

  1. 河流的底部充满了垃圾。

  2. 这种(做法)正在把美丽的地方变成了丑陋的(地方)。

  3. 这个城镇的每一个人应该在清除河流发挥作用。

  4. 我从不使用木质的筷子或塑料的餐叉。

  5. 没有科学研究已经表明鱼翅对健康有益。

  6. Do not buy, there will be no killing

  7. 她对于我们所有的人来说,是一种启示。

  8. 三年前他在南京做了点小生意。

  9. 你曾经思考过这些东西如何能够真正地充分利用?



  一、单项选择(共20分, 每题1分)

  ( ) 1.People ,especially teens, think it ______great fun to surf on ________Internet.  21*cnjy*com

  A.a;the B.a;/ C./;the D.the;the

  ( ) 2.---Don’t _____too late,or you will feel tired in class.

  -----I won’t ,Mum. Good night!We're trying to save the earth.

  A. wake up B. get up C. stand up D. stay up

  ( ) 3.There’s a smile on the teacher’s face. I think she’s ______our work.

  A. worried about B. pleased with C. sorry for D. afraid of

  ( ) 4.---Have you found ______here in the room?

  ----Everything is OK ______the broken window.

  A. special thing; except B. anything special; besides

  C. special thing; besides D. anything special; except

  ( ) 5.None of the shoes in the shops are the right size. They are _____too big ____too small.

  A. both; and B. neither; nor C. either ;or D. not only; but also

  ( ) 6.The price of this computer is the _______of the three.

  A. smallest B. biggest C. highest D. tallest

  ( ) 7.No one can be sure ________in a million years.

  A. what will man look like B. what will happen on the earth

  C. where will humans live D. how many people are there in the world21世纪教育网版权所有

  ( ) 8.A neighbor helped to keep our dog. It _______while we were on holidays.

  A. was taken good care of B. took good care of

  C. is taken good care of D. takes good care of 2-1-c-n-j-y

  ( ) 9.---What delicious bread!

  ---It would taste _______with jam.We're trying to save the earth.

  A. well B. good C. better D. delicious

  ( ) 10.Not only Tom but also his brother _______the Greener China for two years .

  A. has become a member of B. have joined

  C. have been a member of D. has been in

  ( ) 11.----Have you seen my toy car, Bill ?

  ----It’s ______my way, so I put it ______.

  A.in; away B. on; out C. in; out D. by; away

  ( ) 12.After school I found Mother was in bed sick. _____Mother was ill, I should do something for her.

  A. So B. Though C. Since D. If

  ( ) 13.------_______weather it is today !Let’s go out for a walk.

  ------That sounds good!

  A. How fine B. How bad C. What a fine D. What fine

  ( ) 14.-----What should I do, doctor ?

  -----______healthy, you should take more exercise.

  A. Keep B. Keeping C. To keep D. Having kept

  ( ) 15.----Must we finish giving out the posters today?

  -----Yes, we _______.It can’t be put off any longer.

  A. can B. may C. must D. needn’t

  ( ) 16.This place is suitable wild animals to live in.We're trying to save the earth.

  A. to B. at C. for D. with

  ( )17. —Some people think that animals should not live in zoos. —I agree them.

  A. about B. of C. with D. to

  ( )18. —Do you like polar bears, Anna? —Oh, no. They are very .

  A. gentle B. fast C. aggressive D. endangered

  ( )19. Collecting and selling used things is a good way to money for the Children’s Hospital.

  A. ask B. raise C. find D. make

  ( ) 20. —Have you ever seen this famous writer? —No. I’ve just her.

  A. listened B. listened to C. heard D. heard of

  二、完型填空(共20分, 每题2分)

  I first saw the baby panda when she was only 10 days old. She looked like a white mouse. We _____1 her Xi Wang. It means “hope”.

  When Xi Wang was born, she weighed(重)_____2 100 grams(克). Xi Wang drank her mother’s milk for as much as 14 hours a day. When she was six months old, she started to eat bamboo shoots(嫩芽) and ______3 . Eight months later, she was not a small baby any more. She grew into a ______4 young panda and weighed 35 kilos. When Xi Wang was months old, she had to look after herself ______5 her mother had another baby. _____6 , it is very difficult for pandas to live in the wild(野外). Here are some of the _______7 that pandas like Xi Wang may have it the future.

  If hunters catch a panda, they will kill it for its fur(毛皮). If farmers _____8 trees and forests, pandas will have no place to live in.

  When mothers leave baby pandas alone, people will often take them away. People think that the baby pandas need _______9.

  If pandas are in danger, we should try our best to protect them. If we do ______10 , soon there will be no more pandas in the world!

  ( )1 A, made B, called C, told D, kept

  ( )2 A, quite B, mostly C, just D, hardly

  ( )3 A, leaves B, vegetables C, trees D, chips

  ( )4 A, strange B, weak C, famous D, healthy

  ( )5 A, though B, until C, because D, whether

  ( )6 A, Luckily B, Suddenly C, Sadly D, Especially

  ( )7 A, examples B, questions C, matters D, problems

  ( )8 A, cut down B, plant C, protect D, water

  ( )9 A, money B, help C, clothes D, family

  ( )10 A, nothing B, everything C, anything D, something

  三、阅读理解(共30分, 每题2分)


  Hip-hop dancing(街舞) is popular with many young people today.They like it because they can invent their own moves.They use this dance to show their love for life.It also.shows that they feel good about life,that they just want to be themselves and enjoy lire,and that they are not afraid of problems.

  Hip-hop dancing has a history of more than 20 years.It first began in the 1980s in the US.In early times,it was seen in New York and Los Angles.At that time,many young black people often danced to the music in the streets.They used their legs,arms,heads and even shoulders to dance.Many young people still use most of these moves today.

  Hip-hop dancing became popular all over the world because of the 1983 movie Flashdance.Some people performed Hip-hop dancing in the movie.People enjoyed their performance.They began to dance like them.Then it became popular.There are two kinds of Hip-hop dancing:new school and old school.More and more young people are learning Hip-hop dancing.People believe that it is a good way to exercise their bodies,and that it is good for their health.


  ( )1.Young people like Hip-hop dancing because ________.

  A.it has a history of more than 20 years

  B.it first began in the US

  C.they can invent their own moves

  D.many young black people often dance it

  ( )2.At first Hip-hop dancing was seen ________.

  A.in the movies B.in the streets

  C.in the old schools D.in the new schools

  ( )3.The young black people used their to dance at that time.【出处:21教育名师】

  A.legs B.heads C.arms and shoulders D.A,B and C

  ( ) 4.Hip-hop dancing became popular all over the world ________.21cnjy.com

  A.in the 1980s B.in 1983

  C.20 years ago D.in early times

  ( ) 5.Which of the following is TRUE about Hip-hop dancing?

  A.It’s not a good way to exercise.

  B.It shows that young people feel bad about lire.

  C.Young people use this dance to show their love for life.We're trying to save the earth.

  D.It shows that young people are afraid of problems.





  ( ) 6. Which of the following saves th most money?【来源:21cnj*y.co*m】

  A. Off the Beaten Cart Path. B. Parents.

  C. Beat Weekend Projects. D. Lucky.

  ( ) 7. Who may be interested in the book Off the Bearten Cart Path?

  A. A young lady who likes going shopping.

  B. A patent who has just got a new-born baby.

  C. A husband who wants to get his home improved.

  D. A person who is interested in traveling in America.

  ( ) 8. What makes Lucky special according to the passage?

  A. It’s cheap and easy to find in the city.

  B. It has some fashion tips for the readers.

  C. It introduces some best products in the stores.

  D. It provides the latest information for the shoppers.

  ( ) 9. As to the book Best Weekend Projects, which of the following is NOT true?

  A. The projects are creative. B. The projects are easy to follow.

  C. The projects are practical. D. The projects are done on weekdays.

  ( ) 10. What do you think the passage is?

  A. An advertisement. B. A notice. C. A story. D. A report.


  One of the strangest jobs at the Oscars is that of a seat filler. When one of the stars needs to go to the bathroom, a seat filler sits in the star’s seat. That way, the TV cameras won’t show any empty seats. Kathy Miller talks about her night as a seat filler.

  (A)I was told to reach the theater in the middle of the day, wearing my dress for the evening. There were about 200 of us seat fillers, all very excited. We were told what we should and shouldn’t do (for example, “Don’t talk to the stars”), and then (B) 我们一直等到五点钟. That’s when the stars started coming.

  The show started at six o’clock. We had to stand outside the doors. Then, when someone came out to go to the bathroom or have a cigarette(香烟), we were told to go and sit in their seat. (C) The show was three hours long, and I only sat down five times. By the end, I was really tired, but I was happy because, during the evening, I sat behind Jim Carrey (He’s very tall!) and close to Denzel Washington, Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts. It was an exciting night, but I think (D) year I’ll watch the Oscars on TV at home like everyone else!

  Complete the following questions according to the passage.

  11. 将画线部分(A)改写 I was told to at the theater at .

  12. 将画线部分(B)译成英语 .

  13. 将画线部分(C)译成汉语 .

  14. 在(D)的空白处填入一个适当的单词 .

  15. 从短文中找出两个描写心情的形容词 .



  usual mistake rest hundred what make although under they think fly how

  Every morning, kids from a high school are working hard. They are __1__ and selling special coffee at a coffee shop. They are also making a lot of money. 21·cn·jy·com

  These students can make up to nine__2__ dollars a day. They are selling their special coffee to airplane passengers. After the students get paid, the _3__ of the money goes to a local youth project.

  These high school students use a space in the Oakland airport. It is __4___ very crowded. Many people who __5__ on the planes like to drink the special coffee.

  One customer__6__that the coffee costs a lot but it is good and worth it. Most customers are pleasant but some are unhappy. __7__ do not like it if the coffee cafe is not open for business.

  The students earn $ 6.10 an hour. They also get school credit while they learn __8__ to run a business. Many of the students enjoy the work __9__ it took some time to learn how to do it.2·1·c·n·j·y

  They have to learn how to heat milk, load the pots, and add flavor. It takes some skill and sometimes __10__ are made. The most common mistake is forgetting to add the coffee.21教育名师原创作品

  1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

  6. 7. 8. 9. 10.We're trying to save the earth.


  你听说过某些濒临灭绝的动物吗? 请以Why should we protect wildlife animals?为题,用英语写一篇短文,说明为什么要保护野生动物。词数为80 词左右。

  写作提示: 1. 为什么有些野生动物处于危险之中;

  2. 为什么保护野生动物很重要;

  3. 我们应该采取什么措施来保护野生动物。

  提示词语: wildlife(野生的) ,endangered, tiger, panda, destroy(破坏),fur, take measures(采取措施),plant, tree, build a birdhousewww-2-1-cnjy-com


  We’re trying to save the earth!




  1—5 BACBC    6—10 BACAB 11—15 CBABC

  16. eyes 17. turn 18. refuse/ dislike 19. polite 20. children


  1-5 CADCB 6-10 ACDCA

  11. It makes humans animals and plants sick and it even kills them. It’s even making the climate change. 12. Humans.

  13. 更糟糕的是污染已经影响了地球上所有其他的生命。

  14. 环境问题在全世界正变得越来越严重。

  15. We should protect our home.

  三、词语运用 (共10分,每题1分)

  1. tell 2. safe 3. another 4.smile 5. although

  6. differently 7. attention 8. spends 9. how 10. first


  1.To cut down air pollution 2. take, action 3. a waste, creative, mind

  4. can, happiness, hard, back , to, life, creativity 5. known, for / famous, for

  五、翻译句子 (共20分,每句2分)

  1. The bottom of the river is full of rubbish.

  2. This is turning beautiful places into ugly ones.

  3. Everyone in the town should play a part in cleaning the river up.

  4. I never use the wooden chopsticks or plastic forks.

  5. No scientific studies have shown that shark fins are good for health.

  6. 没有买卖,就没有杀戮。

  7. She is an inspiration to us all.

  8. He set up a small business in Nanjing three years ago.21*cnjy*com

  9. Have you ever thought about that how these things can actually be put to good use?

  10. He built his front gate out of rocks and old glass bottles.


  二、 单项选择(共20分, 每题1分)

  1-5 CDBBC 6-10 CDACD 11~15 ACDCC 16--20 CCCBD

  二、完型填空(共20分, 每题2分)

  1-5 BCADC 6-10 CDABA

  三、阅读理解(共30分, 每题2分)

  1-5.CBDBC 6-10 .BDDDA

  11. arrive, soon 12.We waited until 5 o’clock.21·世纪*教育网

  13.演出持续了3个小时。 14.next 15.excited, happy


  1. making 2. hundred 3. rest 4. usually 5. fly

  6. thinks 7. They 8. how 9. although 10. mistakes



  Where'she from?的英语教案

  下面是www.chinazhaokao.com中国招生考试网小编整理的Where'she from?的英语教案,供大家参考!




  (2)复习介词:to her, from Lily, on Sundays






  Where'she from?的英语教案

  Step 1 Revision

  1 Revise Where are you from? What do you speak? Do you speak French? etc.

  2 Revise the dialogue in SB Page 37, Part 2. Choose several pairs to act it out.

  Step 2 Presentation

  1 Teach the word postcard. Bring in the real item. Draw the “writing” side of a postcard on the Bb. Teach Dear …, and Love from … Explain that Love from … is only used between family members and good friends.

  2 Point out the way to write an address in English. Note that the name of the person comes first. Write the school address on the Bb, e.g. :

  Miss Li Manhua

  No. 27 Middle School

  Donghuamen Street

  Beijing, 100009

  Peoples Republic of China

  Get the students to write their own address. Check their work.

  Step 3 Read

  SB Page 38, Part 1, Speech Cassette Lesson 95. Before playing the tape, have the students practise scanning for information. First, read the questions with the students. Then give them no more than two minutes to scan the postcard for the answers. Check the answers. Now, play the tape. Students listen and repeat.

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