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导读:   比赛技能技术的场所,现在通常指游戏里的某个地图区域,专用来战斗的地方。下面是中国招生考试网www chinazhaokao com 小编为大家带来 ...

  比赛技能技术的场所,现在通常指游戏里的某个地图区域,专用来战斗的地方。下面是中国招生考试网www.chinazhaokao.com 小编为大家带来的2017年高考英语错竞技场:短文改错3.语篇型错误,希望能帮助到大家! 



  1. A lot of money has been spent to buy the book.

  2. You will have to pay the cost of send a postcard.

  3. What he did was puzzled.

  4. I will spend a week reading and prepare for the examination.

  5. Charles and Linda do all of these things as well as climbed buildings.

  6. Yesterday I had my bad tooth pulling out.

  7. I heard her singing a song which moved me to tears.

  8. I made a terrible mistake. I regretted not to take your advice.

  9. When we reached the top of the mountain, we stopped having a rest before we went down the mountain.

  10. There’ll be a good film tonight, remember seeing it on time!

  11. The game was over, she went home.

  12. When speaking, you must make yourself hear.

  13. She pretended not seeing me when I came in.

  14. Abraham Lincoln was considered being one of the greatest of all American presidents.

  15. Following by the officers, the general inspected the army.

  16. There is something wrong with my computer, and it needs repaired.

  17. Don’t burn the falling leaves on the ground.

  18. Losing in thought, he almost ran into a car in front of him.

  19. I enjoy to listen to the classic music.

  20. Judge by what he wears, he is a farmer.


  1. to buy改为buying。

  2. send改为sending。介词of后要求用动名词作宾语。

  3. puzzled改为puzzling。puzzling表示“令人疑惑不解的”意思。

  4. prepare改为preparing。preparing和前面的 reading是并列结构。

  5. climbed改为climbing。as well as是介词短语,后面接动名词或名词。

  6. pulling改为pulled。have the tooth pulled out表示“请人拔牙”的意思。

  7. singing改为sing。从后面可以看出来,“我”听完了整首歌曲,强调动作的全过程,用不定式作宾补。

  8. to take改为taking。用动名词表示对已发生过的事情的后悔。

  9. having改为to have。stop的目的是have a rest。

  10. seeing改为to see。还未看电影。

  11. was改为being。独立主格结构。

  12. hear改为heard。make oneself heard意为“使别人听到自己的话”。

  13. seeing改为to see。pretend后面要求接不定式作宾语。

  14. being改为to be。consider后用不定式作宾补。

  15. following改为followed。过去分词表被动。

  16. repaired 改为repairing。动名词主动形式,表被动意义。

  17. falling改为fallen。过去分词作定语,强调动作的完成。

  18. losing改为lost。be lost in thought 表示“陷入深思”。

  19. to listen改为listening。enjoy后面用动名词作宾语。

  20. Judge改为Judging。Judging by…为一固定说法。








  1. 单词的混用


  (1) Between sunrise and sunset, streets and highways are a constant source of voice from cars, buses and trucks.


  (2) Immediately before him was a very flat piece of bread that looked, to him, very much as a napkin.


  2. 名词方面的语法错误


  (1) We have spent several precious weekend in learning in the English Club… (福建)


  (2) And I came to understand that was not easy to earn money, and that knowledges could change my life. (辽宁)


  (3) The play tells humorous stories that happen in the Green’s family. (重庆)


  (4) …and read the daily newspapers, magazines and the other books… (湖北)


  (5) As everyone knows, it’s famous mountain with all kinds of plants and animals.

  【解析】此处意为“一座名山”,含有数量“一座”的意思,故famous mountain前应加不定冠词a。

  3. 动词用法方面的错误

  不规则动词的过去式、过去分词形式错误,特别注意几组易混淆的词,如:bear(忍受) / bear(生育);find / found (建立);fall / fell(砍倒);lie(躺) / lie(说谎) / lay;hang(挂) / hang(绞死)等的过去式与过去分词。非谓语动词用法的选择,特别是充当状语、表语、定语或宾语补足语时是用过去分词还是现在分词(取决于主语、名词中心词与宾语的关系);在 to 后是用不定式还是动名词(取决于to是介词还是小品词);以及在并列结构中后面动词的形式,必须与第一个动词保持一致。谓语动词时态形式的选择,是现在时还是过去时还是其他时态;情态动词和 will(would), shall (should) 等助动词后面的动词形式的选择(只能用原形)。如:

  (1) I followed her advice and should put down 100 words or also each day. (全国卷)

  【解析】结合上一行,followed her advice和put down应是并列谓语,should用于此处显然是画蛇添足。

  (2)…and I wonder if you’ll free then so we could chat about the good older days. (山东)

  【解析】应在free前加be。You’ll是you will的缩写形式,其后不可直接接形容词作表语,必须加系动词be才能构成系表结构。

  (3)曲Perhaps someone who wanted see the play would take them. (陕西)


  4. 动词非谓语形式方面的错误

  辨别非谓语动词的常见错误时需要注意以下几点。看介词后接的是否是动名词;检查某些特定动词的后面只可接动名词的(如advise, admit, avoid, allow, consider, delay, enjoy, escape, excuse, finish, imagine, include, mention, miss, mind, practise, prevent, quit, resist, risk, stand, suggest, understand等)是否误用了不定式;检查某些特定动词的后面只可接带to的不定式的(如ask, afford, agree, decide, demand, dare, expect, fail, happen, hope, hesitate, manage, offer, ought, plan, intend, prepare, pretend, wish, refuse, promise等)是否误用了动名词;检查某些特定词的后面只跟不带to的不定式的(如had better, would rather, rather than等)是否多加to;检查需要用动词不定式的一般式的是否误用了其完成式;检查需要用动词不定式的完成式的是否误用了其一般式;检查句子中需要用现在分词作状语的是否误用了过去分词;检查句子中需要用过去分词的是否误用了现在分词;当不定式作宾语,且后面又有宾语补足语时,检查是否漏用it作形式宾语,因为这时通常将不定式后置了;注意区分几组特别的动词的-ing形式和过去分词之间的不同,如surprising(令人吃惊的),surprised(感到惊讶的);interesting(令人感兴趣的),interested(感兴趣的);disappointing(令人失望的),disappointed(感到失望的);encouraging(令人鼓舞的),encouraged(感到鼓舞的)。如:

  (1) Besides, the foreign teachers here work hard and try his best to make the activities lively and interested. (福建)


  (2) I really enjoy study because I’m growing old and know what I want it. (陕西)


  (3) My father was so pleasing that he suggested I go to England for a holiday. (全国卷I)

  【解析】应把pleasing改为pleased。由于主语是my father,所以要用过去分词。

  (4) I just Want to thank you for helping me becoming a different person. (天津)


  (5) We’d better not to miss the chance to enjoy it. (重庆)

  【解析】应去掉not后面的to。had better后接不带to的不定式作宾语。

  (6) …and will do all they can make sure that I get a good education.


  (7) But then there are always more mysteries look into.

  【解析】应在look前加to,此处应该用不定式作定语,修饰mysteries,故look into前缺to。

  (8) We are looking forward to see you on the birthday party.

  【解析】短语look forward to中的to是介词,其后应接动名词,故应将see改为seeing。

  (9) I’m sorry I keep you wait for a long time. I got caught in the traffic.

  【解析】在任何情况下keep均和doing连用,如keep doing sth, keep sb(sth) doing sth, keep…from doing…等。

  (10) I’d like to your pen friend, and get to know more about your country.


  5. 动词语态方面的错误


  (1) I’m glad to learn that you’ve been settled down in Boston and are getting used to the local ways of life. (山东)


  (2) When one student does so, much larger values are destroying. (重庆)


  (3) …and let you know when the book you want has returned and is ready for you to pickup.

  【解析】此处应该用被动语态has been returned,由于缺少助动词,变成了主动语态,造成错误。

  6. 时态时态方面的错误

  辨别时态错误要注意以下几点。在简单句中,看动词的时态是否与时间状语保持一致;当两个或两个以上的谓语共用一个主语时,看其时态是否保持一致;看由并列连词连接的两个句子其时态是否保持一致;看主语从句、 表语从句和同位语从句的时态是否与主句的时态保持一致;当定语从句和状语从句谓语表示的动作与主句的动作同时发生时,是否使用了相同的时态。此外,需要注意的是,当遇到宾语从句和间接引语时,如果其主句使用了过去时, 则在从句中也必须使用过去时,但是如果宾语从句表示的是客观事实和真理时,则一般用一般现在时。如:

  (1) When they came here, I will show them around my university and the city just as well.

  【解析】应把came改为come。根据主句中的I will show可知描述的是将要发生的事情,而在when引导的条件状语从句中应用一般现在时表将来。

  (2) Today, it is much easier to be healthy than it is in the past.

  【解析】is 应改为was,使之与时间状语in the past一致。

  (3)They offered me coffee and other drinks. We have a goodtime talking and laughing together.

  【解析】have 与前面句子中offered时态不一致,应改为had。

  (4) I had always wanted to return to the village after moving away. And it is really great to see most of my old friends again.


  7. 介词方面的错误


  (1) There are so many places I want to take you to after I finish my work like a volunteer. (福建)


  (2) If the book you want is out, you may ask it to be kept for you. (安徽)

  【解析】在it前加for。ask for是固定搭配,意为“请求”。

  (3) Her strength made me stronger and gave to me courage to try things other thought were impossible. (湖北)


  (4) … and my dad explained for the rules. (浙江)


  (5) I’m going to stay in Nottingham by my aunt and uncle when my cousin joins in the



  (6) I was so tired that I fell asleep at the moment my head touched the pillow.


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