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  The Elephant Man is a story about a ugly man named Joseph Merrick written by Tim Vicary.Joseph Merrick was a person who was so ugly that others either laughed at him or were afraid of him.So he was not ill but he couldn't go to work either.But he was very happy in the last three years of his life.Where was his happinefrom?He always kept the beautiful things in his mind.Even when he was kept in the cold and dark little room,he took his mother's picture with him because her mother was beautiful ,kind and the most important she smiled to him when he was a child.He was satisfied with what he have.Though he was so unfortunate,he never complained about the life and the fate.When some peole went to see him,he talked about the books with them happily.So more and more people were willing to visit him.It is not the appearence but the inside of one's charactor that desides weither he can live a happy life.

  In this summer holidays, I read a book called < Great Expectations>, it was written by Charles Dickens, one of the most famous English writers. He wrote lots of wonderful novels. This book is one of his compositions.

  People always like to compare with their friends. It is a big foible of all the people. If other people have a lot of money, we also want to be rich. If all the people around us are poor , we never mind that we are very poor, too. we will not ashamed because of our folly. This is a social problem.

  If we never posseanything, we will not mind we lost some thing. Since we don’t want to be very rich ,we will not feel despond because poor.

  The protagonist of this novel is Pip (Handel)。 His parents died when he was a baby. His sister had brought him up ‘by hand’。 His sister married to Joe Gargery, the village blacksmith. They didn’t have much money, and Pip never went to school to study. But he was often very happy .Because all of his friends are like him. It isn’t very unfortunate to them, this is their lives. But by a chance, Pip helped a convict; he gave much food to him. Then he met MiHavisham, a very strange old woman and she was very rich.

  Four years later, MiHavisham wants Pip to be removed from his home and educated as a gentleman who expects inherit a fortune when he grow up.

  After hearing that . Pip started to despise his poor friends. He even feel ashamed because he live with the poor man . Pip’s ‘great expectations’ destroyed his life.

  This novel told us that we cannot compare with others .Don’t feel envy at the others money. And if one day you be very rich , please don’t despise your poor friends.


  In the winter holiday.I read a book.It is very wonderful.It's name is "The monkey's paw".The book tells about the Whites and a paw's story.Mr.White's friend gave him a small and dirty paw.He said "It can makes your dreams come true.But you'll feel unhappy."Mr.White wanted ?3000.And after some days,he got ?3000,but his son deid.The end is Mr.White and his wife were very sad.

  I think “The monkey's paw” is very useful.Because it tells us some important things.Such as "get something for nothing." is impossible.We must do every things by ourselves.And we must know learn by doing.

  When I was 10 years old.I was not good at math.And I had tried to find many escape solutions.But no one is good for me.My mother tolds me,"learn by doing",and I did some test questions.Now,my math is ok.I think my story likes "The monkey's paw".And in the new future,I will do every things by my self and do not rely on my father and mother.I know I am the best.

  What a nice story!“The monkey's paw”is perfect,and I will learn more and more in it.


  Jane Eyre, is a poor but aspiring, small in body but huge in soul, obscure but self-respecting girl. After we close the covers of the book, after having a long journey of the spirit, Jane Eyre, a marvelous figure, has left us so much to recall and to think:

  We remember her goodness: for someone who lost arms and blinded in eyes, for someone who despised her for her ordinariness, and even for someone who had hurt her deeply in the past.

  We remember her pursuit of justice. It’s like a companion with the goodness. But still, a virtuous person should promote the goodness on one side and must check the badness on the other side.

  We remember her self-respect and the clear situation on equality. In her opinion, everyone is the same at the God’s feet. Though there are differences in status、in property and also in appearance, but all the human being are equal in personality.

  We also remember her striving for life, her toughness and her confidence…

  When we think of this girl, what she gave us was not a pretty face or a transcendent temperament that make us admire deeply, but a huge charm of her personality.

  Her story makes us thinking about life and we learn much from her experience, at least, that is a fresh new recognition of the real beauty.


1、读后感 作文 小学前不久,我们有幸拜读了朱自清先生的《匆匆》。它告诉我们应该珍惜时间,不要虚度年华。其中:“但这不能平的,为什么偏要白白走这一遭啊?”我们的生命只有一次小学作文:《匆匆》读后感(2015-07-15)

2、读后感 作文 小学 这两个星期,我看了一套书,叫《笑猫日记》。我看的这本书是说一只会小的猫:笑猫,在寻找它?心爱的猫:虎皮猫的一个故事。小学作文:《笑猫日记》读后感(2015-07-17)

3、读后感 作文 夏落《夏洛的网》这本风靡全球的书出自于美国大作家e b 怀特之手,在他的笔下,夏洛用蜘蛛丝编制了一张张充满了爱的网,这些网挽救了威尔伯的生命,更激起你我作文夏落的网6篇200个读后感(2015-07-17)

4、 读后感 旧事 我一向对名著不太感兴趣,觉得名著不生动,往往是看了一半便将它放在一边。但是,《城南旧事》这本名著不同,它将我拉进了书的真谛里,朴实的文《城南旧事》读后感 800字(2015-07-20)

5、读后感 读完《忠诚与背叛》,我的心中留下了两个字——坚守。从书中,我看到了无数个大义凛然的共产党员前仆后继,用生命和鲜血捍卫党的尊严和机密,配合武装斗争,沉重《忠诚与背叛》读后感 800字3篇(2015-07-21)

6、读后感 百分 责任最近在看书,王笑菲的《百分百负责任》。不知道是不是因为成熟了的缘故,现在很喜欢看这种职场励志类的书籍。《百分百责任》是继《靠结果生存》之后,王笑菲职场励志百分百负责任读后感 600字 【5篇】(2015-07-21)


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