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导读:   Why will the woman not have dinner with the man this Friday?下面是中国招生考试网http: www chinazhaokao com 小编今 ...

  Why will the woman not have dinner with the man this Friday?下面是中国招生考试网http://www.chinazhaokao.com/小编今天为大家精心准备了安徽百校论坛 安徽百校论坛联考,希望对大家有所帮助!

  安徽百校论坛 安徽百校论坛联考(1)

  第一节 (共5小题;每小题1.5分,满分7.5分)

  1.How does the man feel about dating?

  A.Fun. B.Not good. C.Stupid.

  2.What does the man mean?

  A.Reading novels is nice. B.Reading novels wastes much money. C.He dislikes reading novels.

  3. A.Because she wants to have lunch. B.Because she is busy packing her things.

  C.Because she is getting ready to go to school.

  4.What is the man’s suggestion for the woman?

  A.Going to study abroad. B.Going travelling. C.Taking a part-time job.

  5.What is the man against?

  A.Watching TV all the evening. B.Playing games. C.Talking.

  第二节 (共15小题;每小题1.5分,满分22.5分)


  6.When is Mother’s Day?

  A.This Sunday. B.Next Sunday. C.Last Sunday.

  7.What will the woman give to her mother?

  A.A cake. B.A card. C.A book.


  8.What is wrong with the jacket?

  A.It’s very dirty. B.It has a broken pocket. C.It looks old.

  9.What probably will the man do?

  A.Search the Internet. B.Go shopping. C.Sell jackets.


  10.Where are the speakers?

  A.In a store. B.In the office. C.At home.

  11.How many pencil sharpeners does the man have?

  A.About two. B.About five. C.About eleven.

  12.What kind of pencil sharpener will the woman buy of the man ?

  A.An electric sharpener. B.The one that can be stuck on the table. C.An ordinary one.


  13.What did the man do for his car?

  A.He went online to find a solution. B.He had his car repaired at once. C.He fixed his car on his won.

  14.How did the man get in touch with the site?

  A.By telephone. B.By e-mail. C.By meeting in person.

  15.How did the man pay for the solution?

  A.By paying in cash. B.By using credit card. C.By sending money online.

  16.What can be learned about the man?

  A.He was cheated. B.His car was repaired. C.He got his money back.


  17.What did Kenneth Baker keep walking around?

  A.He asked his neighbors. B.He kept waiting for it. C.He called the policeman.

  18.Why did Kenneth Baker keep walking around?

  A.It was his hobby. B.He hoped to find his cat. C.He wanted to find evidence.

  19.What did Kenneth Baker find?

  A.Dogs were running away. B.Cats were running away. C.A track of blood.

  20.What do you think of Kenneth Baker?

  A.Foolish. B.Determined. C.Lucky.

  安徽百校论坛 安徽百校论坛联考(2)


  Guild ford school of Acting (GSA) is possibly the world’s most successful centre for musical theatre training. Our philosophy is based on your growth as an individual and your development as an artist within a highly disciplined.

  We want you to view yourself as a potential artist who can compete and succeed in all aspects of musical theatre performance. To accomplish this, you will need to develop your professional awareness through a strict process of training.

  We will guide you towards the development of clear set of individual skills, with practical classes in : Group and individual singing, Ballet,Jazz,Tap and other forms of dance.

  Yours skills are further developed through many exercises, scene work and project rehearsals(排练). Classes in dance and singing are highly ranked alongside acting classes and project, which enable GSA Musical Theatre performers to become multi-skilled.

  Professional development classes and workshops with guest speaker drawn from the contemporary musical theatre industry ensure currency within your chosen field and enable you to maximize all employment opportunities. A final show presentation in a West End theatre helps you complete your change from a musical theatre student to a professional performer.

  The result is your development into a highly disciplined, individual and all-round performer who has both artistic skills and the ability to work in cooperation with others.

  You can get in touch with us by:

  Dr. Ana Fla via Zuim, Telephone:212-998-5154

  Professor Dianna Heldman, dh24@nyu.edu

  21.What type of the text is it?

  A.An advertisement. B.A diary. C.A travel guide. D.A performance report.

  22.Which of the following is one of the majors for students in GAS?

  A.Sports. B.English. C.History. D.Jazz.

  23.Where is the students’ final show presentation held?

  A.At a school hall. B.At a West End theatre. C.At a stadium. D.At a rehearsal room.

  24.Who will show special interest in GSA?

  A.Tom who wants to become a writer. B.Jake who lacks experience of drawing.

  C.Lucy who has the desire to perform musical theatre. D.Peterson who expects to direct an international film.


  One day I was listening to the radio about some poor children. As I listened, I felt that I had to do something for those children, so I asked four of my friends if they wanted to help a poor child. They agreed.

  Finally, we got a letter from a little child called Juanito Sanchez, in which he asked for some blankets and also some clothes and a pair of shoes for his little sister. In his litter he wanted to help his father fix the house which was in a bad condition because of the arrival of clod winter.

  We told the radio station that we wanted to help that child. After that, we started to think about how to collect all the money needed to buy all poor Juanito needed. After 5 days, we collested much money and bought many things for Juanito. We also bought some food for his family and some toys for him because we wanted to give him a little surprise.

  Finally, on December 22 the radio station made a big party in which all the children who asked for help were invited, and also all those helping these children. In the party we met Juanito, his mom and his little sister.

  First, we played some games with him, After that, we gave Juanito all the presents and also the surprise we had for him. When he opened all the presents, he was excited and happy, so were my friends and I.

  That day was one of the most beautiful day,in my life, and I learned something important from it. It is giving help to those who need it that is one of the most beautiful things that you can do because this makes you feel good and also makes the persons who you are helping happy.

  25.What caused the author to help a poor child?

  A.A radio program. B.The arrival of cold winter.

  C.A letter from Juanito Sanchez. D.Advice from his four friends.

  26.To give Juanito a surprise, the author .

  A.decided to repair his house B.collected more clothed for him

  C.did as Juanito asked him to do D.prepared more than Juanito needed

  27.What did the author learn on December 22?

  A.We all can live happily. B.Helping others benefits us.

  C.It is our duty to ask for help. D.We need to live a rich life.

  28.It can be inferred from the text that .

  A.there were eight people present at the party B.the author didn’t buy gifts for Juanito’s sister

  C.the author will help more people in the future D.Juanito’s father was too ashamed to attend the party


  Every Australian child is brought up on Vegemite(维吉米特黑酱)! Yes, this dark colored foos paste made from yeast extract(酵母膏)is put on fresh bread and toast as a snack, breakfast, luch on the run or when there’s basically nothing else left in the house to eat. It takes time to adapt to it for those not used to it . Simply watch overseas visitors make faces when tasting it for the first time found in every indigenous Australian home! In fact, it is considered a national food and cultural sign.

  Vegemite has an interesting history. More than ninety years ago, a leading Australian food technologist was given the challenge of creating a food item from a by-product of the beer manufacturing process. This by-product was developed into a pure vegetable extract spread for use on bread and toast. It has since found its way into many Australian homes.

  Before World War Ⅱ it was confirmed by the British Medical Association for its medicinal benefits as a nutritionally balanced food for patients. It became very important during World War Ⅱ. As a result of the heavy demand by the armed forces, the supplies to civilians were rationed (限量) with the following message given by the government:Vegemite fights with the men up north! If you are one of those who don't need Vegemite medicinally, then thousands of the injured are asking you to deny yourself of it for the time being. After the war, with many babies born, Vegemite was confirmed as a necessary source of Vitamin B1, B2 for babies.

  29. What does the underlined word “indigenous” in Paragraph 1 mean?

  A. Rich. B. Native. C. Remote. D. New.

  30. What's the purpose of the message given by the government ?

  A. To encourage Australians to fight for their nation. B. To tell people Vegemite has high nutritional value.

  C. To suggest that people leave Vegemite to the army. D. To inform Vegemite has medical functions.

  31. The author is trying to show us the fact that Vegemite .

  A. has been a part of Australian history B. is a kind of popular food for babies only

  C. is popular in every English-speaking country D. has become a favorite food for overseas visitors


  Once there was a man who knew he could achieve whatever he wanted. He wasn't a great man or highly educated. But, there was always the same story heard from his lips whenever he talked to you: 1 will achieve some big things in my life and I will get most of them soon. I saw him occasionally and each time he spoke like before. But he still hadn't taken one step to complete any of his dreams—no actions at all.

  You can guess what happened next. As the years passed by, I went on my way to several new adventures in business, but he remained where he was. The last thing I heard of him just before I moved away was that he was ill and couldn’t get around.

  Recently I spoke with an old friend about this man. Not that long ago he passed away. I asked whether he had taken action towards any of his many dreams. The sad answer was no.

  When I think of this man, I wish he understood what Albert Einstein said, “The value of achievement lies m the achieving.”

  This man achieved nothing of his dreams. He lacked the preparation and action. There is no achievement made through a dream unless there is dedicated movement. action steps, and perseverance to continue.

  There are several points here that can make the difference between dreaming and achieving. Without a solid and detailed plan for each step, you will spend your entire lifetime dreaming. Besides, in order to accomplish a dream, action must be taken .You also need to consider through any adventure in life whatever that decision is. There are always risks associated with any decision and choice. There are absolutely no guarantees that your choice ends up being the best one.

  But, you will never know where a dream will end up unless you do something. Or, you will go through life always wondering what would have happened if you had taken action and not just simply talked.

  32.The author writes the text to tell us that .

  A. doing is better than saying B. knowledge starts with practice

  C. where there is a will, there is a way D. a good be ginning makes a good ending

  33.What can be inferred about the author from the text?

  A.He laughed at the man B.He was the man’s colleague

  C.He worked hard and was successful D.He once advised the man to start business

  34.Why did the author mention Albert Einstein in the text?

  A.To show the key to inventing B.To show the cost of achievement

  C.To show the importance of taking action D.To show Albert Einstein’s great achievements

  35.What may be the best title of the text?

  A.Dream to the and B.Achieve all, achieve none

  C.A man who achieved nothing D.Do something to achieve success

  安徽百校论坛 安徽百校论坛联考(3)

  Confidence makes a difference. It could mean the difference in landing a job you have been dreaming of. It could also mean the difference in staying happily with the girl of your dream. Having enough confidence may help you achieve what you want in your life. 36 Hopefully we can light your path with this guide to becoming more confident.

  Make lists. This is a two-part process which begins with a look into who you are. First make a list of all the things that set you apart from the rest. This will help you focus on the things that have gone right instead of he things that have gone wrong. 37 What are you fond of? In most cases, hard work with passion will bring about improvement.

  38 People usually shy away from praise. I think it makes them feel that they to not deserve the praise. Take yourself away from that thinking and happily accept the praise. An-other thing, remember that you matter. If you have something to say, force yourself to say it clearly and loudly. You can do this without sounding angry. 39 .

  Move towards your goal. 40 Having a purpose and a goal is great to feed your confi-dence. Start with the little things like the stuff you have been putting off for later. The more things you accomplish, the better you feel.

  A.You are important and appreciated

  B.Then look at the things you enjoy doing

  C.This makes you move in the right direction

  D.But how exactly do you get that confidence?

  E.In order to be confident, you have to look confident

  F.If somebody disagree with what you say, do not just shy away

  G.Studies show that the healthier you are, the more confident you feel

  第三部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分45分)

  第一节 完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)

  Mr Scott, together with his daughter and his niece, Mary, was going away for the week-end.

  They arrived at their 41 destination and right behind the house they were staying at there was a 42 . Mr Scott told the girls to 43 on the sand directly in front of the beach. They ran down there 44 , and he began to get things from the car. After about 5 minutes, Mr. Scott heard the girls 45 from the direction of the beach. He ran down to see what the 46 was, only to discover that they hadn’t 47 him and had gone for a 48 . There was no one else on the beach and the girls were really struggling, particularly Mary who wasn’t as 49 a swimmer as his daughter.

  He swam out 50 , but when he got there, he 51 that there was no way he would be able to get both the girls back to the shore 52 because he could 53 do it one at a time though he had enough 54 to rescue them both.

  He looked at the two girls, and Mary was really 55 to hold her head about water and he knew that 56 he rescued his daughter first, there would be little or no 57 that she would survive. His daughter was struggling too, but much stronger in the water and he guessed that there was a 50% 58 that his daughter would be able so 59 long enough for him to return if he took Mary 60 to shore first, but he simply didn’t know how long she would do that. Without thinking further, the great father chose the 50% possibility!

  41.A.company B.school C.holiday D.party

  42.A.mountain B.valley C.park D.beach

  43.A.play B.camp C.travel D.explore

  44.A.peacefully B.joyfully C.patiently D.hopefully

  45.A.approaching B.laughing C.screaming D.driving

  46.A.purpose B.matter C.direction D.plan

  47.A.waited for B.cared about C.talked about D.listened to

  48.A.walk B.rest C.swim D.drink

  49.A.strong B.tall C.clever D.calm

  50.A.quickly B.quietly C.suddenly D.slightly

  51.A.regretted B.admitted C.realized D.remembered

  52.A.on his own B.in public C.on purpose D.by accident

  53.A.still B.only C.even D.ever

  54.A.space B.time C.patience D.strength

  55.A.struggling B.waving C.standing D.forgetting

  56.A.unless B.if C.until D.because

  57.A.determination B.promise C.chance D.decision

  58.A.effort B.difficulty C.choice D.possibility

  59.A.cheer up B.look up C.hold on D.move on

  60.A.back B.out C.around D.away


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